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31 March 2019: New release

Take Screenshot of Any Part of the Screen at Anytime

This tiny utility will be useful for those who often take screenshots of their Desktop or any part of it. The program will offer you to choose the area of screenshot so you can capture only that things which you need. Our application is always under your hand, just roll your mouse over the top part of the screen and a small panel popups automatically. There is only 3 choices: take screenshot, open program preferences and exit the panel. Its up to you what to choose!


Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space

Our application includes free web hosting for your screenshots with unlimited disk space, if you will need to share them with anyone. Upload process is optional and built-in to the application, so there is no need to setup anything. You will be given a unique link which you can share with your friends or co-workers to let them quickly view screenshots. Or you can completely disable this feature and keep screenshots on your local disk only.


All useful preferences are there! You can choose template for screenshot name, enable or disable sound of camera when you take a screenshot, choose default folder to store images or choose additional options related to the free web hosting which we provide for your screenshots. We will add more features to the program as soon as possible, so keep an eye for updates in this area.



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