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27 March 2019: Fixed minor bug

Separate Invisible Disk

Sometimes you need simple and quick solution to store some personal or business files. Instead of encryption, or cloud storage, we have decided that best solution is to create separate disk on your computer where you can store all your secret stuff. This disk will be hidden all the time and you can make it visible on demand. And, of cause, this disk can be protected by the password (optional feature). The best thing about it - you don't need to buy any new hardware or format current disks. We will use technology called "virtual disk" to cut some space from other disks, without any special configuration or setup.


Instant Appearance

One of the great benefits of virtual disk is that it is created in a few seconds. No need to wait for hours or even minutes. Just one click and few seconds laters you will see one more disk on your computer, where you can put all your private files. When you need to make the disk invisible it will also take just few seconds to disappear. Also, we made an option for you to choose non-secret folder to be assigned to virtual disk. So any folder on your computer may act like separate disk.

Special Benefits

Virtual storage gives great benefit for emergency cases. In case power interruption, or if you will shut down your computer without hiding secret disk first, the virtual disk will not appear again on next Windows startup. The logic of virtual disk located in memory, thus, if you turn off your computer (power outage) the disk will become invisible. Don't worry, you will not loose your files, the disk just disappear.



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