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1 February 2019: New release

Send Files Privately Without Any Accounts

Sometimes you need to send a file (folder, picture or video) but you don't want to show to use any public account of yours, and especially don't want to share a file using cloud storage (sharing using cloud storage give zero privacy). Solution is our program - it just uploads your file to the server and gives you a unique link to it. This link is not assigned to any account, not tied to your name or email address. You don't need to provide any information to use our service. Complete anonymity. Give that link to your recipient and he will be able to visit anonymous web page to download your file.


Optional Password Protection

As you know web crawlers index everything on the web within a seconds after you submit something. They cache the Web. And if you worry that uploaded file may be cached by robot and later viewed by unwanted person we made an option to password protect uploaded files. Just type desired username and password during file upload and thats all. Nobody will have access to uploaded file without it. Don't forget to send this information to the recipient!

Full Control Over Uploaded Files

With our easy "History" page you can control any files which you have uploaded using your computer. This option can be disabled or used for certain files, selectively. Using "History" window you can check which files were uploaded in the past, get a link to the file again, or even remove it, even if it was uploaded a long time ago. You still have full control over these files, or you can disable history completely. Its up to you.



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