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15 March 2019: Some of the annoying bugs has been fixed

Find and Delete Unnecessary Duplicate Files

There are a lot of casual situations when you can have two or more identical files in different folders. For example, you can save the same song twice in two different folders or you can have the same picture copied multiple times to different locations. This is not apocalypse, but this makes some mess on the hard drive and, sometimes, in your head. With our small and easy utility you search and find those clones. Then, you will be able to delete unnecessary files and free up some disk space. On frequently used computer you can recover gigabytes of disk space!


Search Everywhere

The program have easy setup and easy options. You just need to choose the root folder where we can start our search. For your convenience we made two options for search. First one is in common user folders, such as Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures and some others. The second option allows you to choose any other folder on any connected disk. Then, just press button and the magic begins... The program will scan selected folder, including all sub-folders as quickly as possible.

Files Compared By Content

Our program searches for duplicate content inside the file, and not for duplicate file names. That means, for example, that the same picture, but with different names will be identified as clone. And two files with the same name, but with difference in even just one byte will NOT be identified as duplicate. This is important and wise. After the search is completed you can select every item to make a decision. You can click with your mouse right button on every item to view the file, open file location, or delete it. Happy hunting!



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