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24 September 2019: Beta version released

Privacy and Performance

The goal of this utility is top privacy and performance of your computer. It will delete many temp files, cache, cookies, internet history and other things freeing up valuable disk space, especially if you run your system on small SSD drives. Also, as a result of work of our program you will get top privacy, so praying eyes wont be able to spy on you as previously, record your activities or do some other bad commercial things.


Everything included

Unlike other cleaners that delete just cookies and history in your browser, our own solution will investigate deeper. It will delete many other electronic garbage that created while you browse the Internet, and this is not just technical stuff that wasting your valuable disk space, its something that let manufacturers of your programs track you and sell you things that you really dont need.

Huge List

We dont include many commercial things in to the Cleaner right now, we believe that the program first should do its main things - clean. We concentrate all our attention on the list of areas which will be available to you for cleanup. And many helpful options that control cleanup process. The rest is not important for us. Please compare our Cleaner with others, you will find that we found many more electronic garbage that can be deleted without harm to you.



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